Cork Cycling Campaign was started in 1999 by people who wanted to make Cork city and county cycle-friendly. Cycling is such a wonderful way of getting around – fast, economical, sustainable, healthy, sociable, & fun!  It’s probably the most effective way to reduce your personal energy use and climate impact.  Our vision is for Cork to become a great cycling city with many more people cycling as a means of transport. The best and most livable cities place people — pedestrians and cyclists — not motorized vehicles at the centre of urban design. We aim to see these practices adopted in our wonderful city of Cork and its surrounding county.

What do we do?

The Cork Cycling Campaign works with local councils, community groups, and other institutions to improve cycling infrastructure and to encourage people to cycle. We make submissions on infrastructure planning proposals to highlight issues relevant to cyclists, organise fun cycling events, develop cycling information and maps, and act as a voice for cycling in the community. Our focus is primarily on everyday cycling – that is, cycling as a form of transport. We also support the development of recreational facilities like greenways. We strive to improve safety for all cyclists and to encourage mutual consideration, understanding, and respect between cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. Together we make cycling in Ireland better, for those who want to cycle to work, school, exercise or just for pleasure.

What about you?

Perhaps you cycle in Cork and think cycling infrastructure could be so much better. Maybe you're tired of cycle lanes that disappear when you need them most. Perhaps you want cycle lanes to be fully segregated from other traffic so that your kids can cycle safely.  Or you think traffic laws protecting cyclists should be prioritised and enforced, not ignored. Or maybe you're concerned about how Ireland’s high car-dependence continues to drive climate change? If these issues are important to you, here are some simple steps you can take to get involved!

Join us

Sign up as a member and supporter of the Campaign. It's free!  We'll keep you posted on cycling news through our newsletter. There are opportunities for further involvement if you’d like, but there is no obligation to do anything.
By joining us, you’ll be adding your voice to ours and helping us advocate more effectively for current (and potential) cyclists. Numbers count and your support is very much appreciated!

Donate to the Campaign

We operate on a small budget which is used to increase the visibility of cycling locally and to support, to advocating for cyclists nationally. We are all volunteers, but even small donations help our work to improve cycling in Cork. Click here.

Meet us

We love to welcome newcomers, so join us at our monthly meeting and find out more about the work we’re doing. We usually meet on the first Tuesday of every month (except August). Our meetings are online because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Contact us if you are interested in attending a meeting

Follow and share

Follow and share local cycling news and issues from our Facebook page and Twitter page.

Take on your particular passion

Whether that's cycling infrastructure in your neighbourhood, greenways, enforcement, mobility for the elderly, bike share schemes, cycling to school, local bike festivals, or whatever. Contact us if so and let's explore how we can work together.

Help out with on-going projects

This includes:

  • Our electronic communications and social media
  • Writing stories for our newsletter
  • Making submissions to Cork City Council's Consultation platform
  • Commenting on planning applications in your area
  • Representing us on local community groups and forums
  • Solicit the councils
  • Putting up posters
  • Helping with events.

Meet the committee

Conn Donovan - 2020 Chairperson

Conn is originally from Ballincollig and studied Law at University College Cork. During his ERASMUS year at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, he became interested in spatial planning and went on to study for an MSc in Urban and Regional Planning at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He worked as an Environmental Planner in the United Kingdom for several years before returning back to Cork in 2014 and retraining as a primary school teacher. Conn sits on the Secretariat of the Cork City Public Participation Network and is on the Executive Council of, the Irish Cycling Network Advocacy Network.

Conn commutes to work most days on his bicycle, an ‘old steel singlespeed’ (his words!) and likes to cycle on a road bike around County Cork at the weekends. He joined the Cork Cycling Campaign in 2018 as he saw the potential for Cork to become a great city to cycle in.

Dean Venables - 2020 Secretary

Dean is a lecturer in atmospheric chemistry and air quality at University College Cork with personal and professional interests in climate change, air quality, and urban livability. Since 2005, he has ridden about ±40,000 km on Cork city roads, mainly on trips to work and the shops. Dean loves living in Cork!  He got involved with the Cycling Campaign in 2016 because he sees cycling as one of the most positive actions we can take to reduce our carbon emissions, improve air quality and health, and make our city more human-centred. When living in town, he experienced at first hand the incredible transformation that the opening of the Banks of the Lee path had on his commute — replacing congested, noisy, and dangerous streets with a quiet, leafy ride along the river. Dean proposed and promotes the Lee to Sea Greenway. 

He especially wants his daughters to be able to cycle safely in the city, both for their personal health and for the health of the earth they inherit.

Helen Guinan - 2020 Spokesperson

Helen Guinan has been a keen cyclist since childhood. All through her college and early work days in Galway, Dublin and Cork, she cycled a racing bike. In her later working life, changing to an electric bike enabled her to cycle across Cork City and up to Montenotte with ease and in good clothes. She now uses it for most city journeys and for extended leisure travel in Ireland and Europe. She is passionate about spreading the joy and functionality of cycling to people of all ages and cycling ability. She is hopeful that safer cycling infrastructure and positive attitudinal changes are possible as our country and city move in favour of sustainable travel.

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