Cork City North East

Cork City North East

Tim Brosnan (FF)

Tim supports the delivery of cycle lanes in the next phases of the CCMS. He also supports the ‘Lee2Sea’ Greenway and has raised proposals at Council Meetings for a northern branch from the city centre to Dunkettle and Little Island to eventually meet up with the Midleton-Youghal Greenway.

Tim would like to see a Cycling Officer role created in City Hall as this person would be able to ‘champion the cycling agenda at Council’ as in the instance of an Arts Officer. Tim believes it is essentially to maintain cycle ways and footpaths and that there is a huge financial incentive to do this due to compensation payments made by Cork City Council.

Regarding his ward, Tim supports the ‘Quietway’ to Blackpool via John Street, he would like to see a some cycle infra on Summerhill to allow people to cycle safely up the hill and he has placed motions for the creation of a greenway between Whites Cross via Ballyvolane to the City Centre. Tim believes that the hills on the northside are a ‘challenge to be met head on’.

Sinead Halpin (SD)

Sinead is supportive of the CCMS, the ‘Lee2Sea’ Greenway, the creation of a cycling officer, and a maintenance schedule.

Locally, Sinead would like to see cycle infrastructure provided going uphill on Summerhill, a Quietway for Lower John Street, engineering solutions to tackle illegal parking on Alfred Street and bike sliders for some steep hills in the north-east ward. Sinead believes it is also vitally important for the public bike share scheme to be extended to St. Lukes, The Glen, Blackpool, and Mayfield as the north-side of the city is poorly served by the scheme.

Oliver Moran (GP)

Oliver supports the CCMS and believes that the ‘Lee2Sea’ greenway is an ‘incredibly simple but powerful idea’. He would like to see a pedestrian and cycling officer role created in City Hall to install a voice within the Council that roads are not just for cars. Oliver would like to see a maintenance schedule published for all regular council activities.

Oliver has publicly called for bike sliders on for some paths with steps across the northside in the past. He supports the idea of a Quietway on Lower John Street that would meet the needs of both active travel users and local residents/businesses. Oliver would like to see a shared bike-pedestrian facility on Summerhill going uphill but he emphasis that shared facilities are not often ideal and cyclists must use these paths with a high degree of care towards pedestrians.

Oliver believes that cycle lanes should be segregated from motorised traffic for safety and to protect cycle infra from being taken over by parked motor vehicles. Regarding Alfred Street, he believes that is in critical that the culture of treating cycle lanes as parking spaces is ended.

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