Cork City South East

Peter Horgan (LAB)

Peter supports the implementation of the City Centre Movement Strategy but notes that it must be accompanied by a public information campaign. Peter supports the ‘Lee2Sea’ Greenway and would like to the Marina extended along the waterfront as far as the Port of Cork to create another city link.

Peter has called for a Cycling and Active Travel Commissioner recently with powers in both local authority and the NTA.  He also supports the creation of a Cycle Path Maintenance Schedule that is in the public domain. Peter wants to see proper resurfacing of the entire cycle network in the SE ward and notes that cycle lanes should not be in the condition they currently are. Peter supports the pedestrianisation of the Marina road “100%”.

Ed Fitzgerald (PBP)

Ed supports the delivery of the CCMS, noting that People Before Profit are a party with a ‘major focus on the environment and climate action’. He also supports the ‘Lee2Sea’ Greenway and the creation of a full time cycling officer in the Roads and Transportation Department of City Hall.

Ed would like to see a maintenance schedule for cycle lanes focus on longevity to ensure it does not lapse. He notes that maintenance is ‘vital for the success of cycle paths’ Ed supports the pedestrianisation of the Marina as it is something he had envisaged for a long time and he would also like to see several bike paths leading to the city from the ward resurfaced and upgraded to make safe for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Kieran McCarthy (IND)

Kieran’s election manifesto includes a pledge for Cork to push to apply for the European Green Capital Award. This award recognises cities that are leading the way with environmentally friendly urban living (including transport). Kieran fully endorses the ‘Lee2Sea’ Greenway and he provided information on the project website regarding the history along the route. Kieran supports the creation of a ‘Cycling Officer’ role in City Hall and recognises that there is a need for more positive narratives to appear in the public realm regarding cycling.

Kieran would like to see central government funding delivery for the creation and maintenance of cycle paths in the city. Kieran support the pedestrianisation of the Marina, at weekends initially and has provided monies out of his community fund for the closure of the Marina in April 2019 as part of the Lifelong learning festival.

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