Cycling in Cork

Cycling is taking off in a big way in Cork! There has been strong and continuing growth in the number of people cycling all year round.  The official launch of the Coke Zero public bike scheme in 2015 has boosted cycling in the city, and the city and county councils continue to expand cycling links and infrastructure.  Although the cycle network is fragmented and poor in places, there are also some good examples of segregated cycling infrastructure.  In short, facilities in the Cork metropolitan area are adequate for many adults to get going on their bikes.

Is the infrastructure good enough?  One way to assess the quality of a cycle network is to ask the question: is there a convenient route that would be acceptable for a child to cycle with minimal adult supervision?  In essence, that means dedicated infrastructure that clearly and consistently separates cyclists from motorised vehicles and pedestrians.  That is clearly not the case in Cork (or anywhere in Ireland), but we believe that this is the standard that should be adopted and rolled out in Cork.

Public Bike Sharing
Cork's  public bike sharing system in the heart of the city has been a great success.  The scheme hit 1,000,000 trips in three years of operation — an excellent performance for a small city.  It's a great scheme and we believe that there is a strong case to be made for further expansion (see our proposals here).  See the Coke Zero Bike Rental Site for details on how to sign up, locations of stations, and so forth.

Bike shops
We love our bike shops! Click here for a map and listing of bike shops near you.


Cycling routes in Cork City
We’re developing a map of major cycling arteries in Cork city on the Open Street Map platform.  Until then, the following map contains some of the major links around the city.

Reference map
To suggest changes to this map, please contact us,

Danger_sign Serious safety issue or near miss
Eye_out Keep an eye out for...
sign_no_entry Confusing or missing or confusing route
Signage Confusing or missing signs

Feedback map
This shows issues already raised. Cork Cycling Campaign hopes to address these issues with the relevant bodies. Suggested cycling routes are also shown.

photo Bike shop
1197148497498107931lunanaut_Bicycle_Sign_Symbol.svg.hi Bike hire
cokebikeslogotrsp Coke Zero Bike Station
38829grn Popular route
Do you have any local problems with bad roads, vandalism or any other problems that need to be repaired? Report it to!

More useful Links
Do you want to know more about cycling? We have a selection of very useful links here.

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