Cycling is taking off in a big way in Cork! There has been strong and continuing growth in the number of people cycling all year round.  The official launch of the Coke Zero public bike scheme in 2015 has boosted cycling in the city, and the city and county councils continue to expand cycling links and infrastructure with your help.  Although the cycle network is fragmented and poor in places, there are examples of segregated cycling infrastructure. In short, facilities in the Cork metropolitan area are adequate for many adults to get going on their bikes.

Is the infrastructure good enough?  One way to assess the quality of a cycle network is to ask the question: is there a convenient route that would be acceptable for a child to cycle with minimal adult supervision?  In essence, that means dedicated infrastructure that clearly and consistently separates cyclists from motorised vehicles and pedestrians.

That is clearly not the case in Cork (or anywhere in Ireland), but we believe that this is the standard that should be adopted and rolled out in Cork. We also want to improve access for cargo bikes and show the benefits of electric bikes for a city like Cork.

Cork Cycling Map

For the first time, a map of Cork’s best cycling routes has been created and launched during Bike Week 2019. The Cork Cycle Map features the city centre and surrounding suburbs. The map shows the best routes to popular destinations around the city. These include UCC, CIT, Kent Station, Bus Station, Fitzgerald’s Park, and further afield to Mahon Point, Douglas, Bishopstown and Blackpool. Routes are colour coded by road type, whether segregated, one way, shared with cars and buses, on a quiet road or a greenway.
Download the map now for free here: Cork Cycle Map.

Bike shops

We love our bike shops and there are a lot of them in Cork city! Click here for a map and listing of bike shops near you.

Coke Bike Share Scheme

Coca-Cola Zero Bikes is an exciting addition to Cork, it is the cities bike-sharing scheme. Bike stations are located throughout the city to provide a healthy accesible and convenient means of transport. More info here.

Cork City Council Customer Service requests

Cork City Council has launched a service where you can report local problems like potholes and faulty street lights. Make sure you send your requests if you notice something!

Do you have any local problems with bad roads, vandalism or any other problems that need to be repaired? Report it to!

More useful links

Do you want to know more about cycling? We have a selection of useful links here.

Recent trends

• In a 2019 Cork Chamber survey, over 65% of businesses supported the delivery of the Cork Cycle Network as a priority.
• Heads of the entire 3rd level education sector in Cork, have signed a letter calling on the Minister for Transport to deliver a network of safe cycle routes to ensure their staff and students can cycle safely to their campuses.
• Over 90% of consultations for the Interm Cycle Infrastructure on the South Mall in 2020 supported the scheme.
• In a 2020 survey for One4All Ireland, almost half of respondents agreed that they could swap their car for cycling for most short trips.
• Since 2007, the number of staff cycling to UCC increased by 90%.
• In April 2020, the WHO recommending cycling as a mode of urban transport in order to ensure social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic while also achieving daily physical activity guidelines.
• In 2020, Ireland's first e-bike stakeholders campaign group, 'We-bike', was launched in Cork to promote the use of e-bikes in the city and county.

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