Take on Pat! The aftermath!

Cork just got flattened!

Watch the video for Take On Pat!

On 15 June a group of people enthusiastically conquered St. Patrick's hill with electric bikes for this year's Cork Bike Week. The diverse group of men and woman included the Lord Mayor, Tony Fitzgerald, a former Lord Mayor and now MEP, Dierdre Clune, local personalities like Pat O'Connell, fishmonger to the queen, as well as a 13 year old and an 81 year old. The participants were surprised and delighted to have beaten Cork's iconic hill.

Take on Pat! shows that cycling is possible even when journeys are long or have steep gradients.  Hilly cities like Cork, San Francisco and Lisbon can all benefit from electric bicycles.  Indeed, parts of Cork City are almost 150 metres above the city centre. Cycling an ordinary bicycle to the top of such a hill is really hard work - but now is much easier with an e-bike.

Electric bicycles have an important role to play in the transition towards sustainable transport. Local, national, and European authorities need to recognise their potential and not create barriers to their adoption.


Cork Cycling Campaign thanks the Cork Sports Partnership for funding, and Patrick Murray from City View Wheels and Helen Guinan for helping in the organisation of the event and for providing the e-bikes.

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