Poll results: Parking in Cycle Lanes

We polled cyclists in Cork from 3 to 11 February 2018, receiving a total of 234 responses.  A large majority (89%) of respondents had a wealth of relevant experience, cycling in Cork city every week or a few times a month. The overwhelming majority (96%) experienced problems with cars parked in cycle lanes.  Cyclists’ opinions were similarly uniform on the question of enforcement of exclusive use of cycle lanes to cyclists: 96% believed that not enough was being done to keep other vehicles out of cycle lanes.

The survey clearly shows that parking in cycle lanes is a pervasive problem in Cork city.  Much more needs to be done to enforce the exclusive use of cycle lanes for cyclists.

The experiences of cyclists themselves on the cycle lanes are perhaps even more eloquent.  While some good positive aspects of the lanes are acknowledged, the issues of enforcement, continuity, coherence, and maintenance are major frustrations for cyclists. These issues must be urgently addressed if Cork is to realise the advantages of high rates of cycling.  These benefits include more efficient traffic flow and reduced congestion, lower noise and air pollution, and a more liveable city environment.  Everybody in the city gains from a high quality cycling network.

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