To promote our cause, we have released posters to help spread our messages. These are freely downloadable below and we encourage everybody to use them to show your support! Keep in mind to only put them on places with permission. Good places to hang them are the bulletin board in your workplace, your local community centre, your sports club, the school of your children or the window of your house.

We thank you for your support and also encourage you to send us selfies of you and the poster on Twitter or Facebook so we can thank you personally! Spread the word!

Download 'Support Lee to Sea Greenway'
poster as Pdf(Size: A4, 228 kB)

Download 'Burn calories not fuel!'  poster as Pdf
(Size: A4, 170 kB)

Download 'Love our planet, support cycling'  poster as Pdf
(Size: A4, 562 kB)

Download 'Light up your bike' poster as Pdf
(Size: A4, 215 kB)

Download 'Cycle lanes are not for parking'  poster as Pdf
(Size: A4, 248 kB)

Download 'Silhouettes' poster as Pdf
(Size: A4, 200 kB)

We don’t condone exhibiting these specific posters on public property for legal reasons and keeping the streets clean. Public poster campaigns will be coordinated by the Cork Cycling Campaign, complying with the protocol of the Cork City Council and will be marked.

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