Press release: Immediate Climate Action Begins with Transport

15 March 2019


Immediate Climate Action Begins with Transport

Today’s huge climate rallies in Cork and around the globe demonstrated that the younger generation appreciate that climate change will harm their future. The rally showed a real hunger among schoolchildren and their families to see politicians and society responding effectively to the changing climate.

The Cork Cycling Campaign noted that our energy impact is largely determined by our personal choices, particularly in what we eat, what we buy, and in how we travel. Transport accounts for almost 30% of carbon emissions.  The Campaign believes that fast reductions in personal transport emissions are immediately possible. For many short trips, people can walk and cycle with effectively zero carbon emissions. The group particularly encouraged children and their parents to walk or cycle to school, shops, and sports clubs, and challenged parents to lead by example in how they get around.

The Campaign also called on government to ensure that transport policy, funding and regulations favour sustainable, non-polluting transport modes over climate harmful alternatives.  That includes providing high quality cycling infrastructure that makes cycling a safe and appealing transport option for many more people.

Atmospheric scientist and chair of the Cork Cycling Campaign, Dr Dean Venables said “Reducing carbon emissions will require a response from all aspects of society — not just from politicians and policymakers, but also from individuals.  Transport is a major source of climate warming emissions. Getting around sustainably means a deliberate choice to take the bus, to walk, or to cycle, whether it’s getting to school or work, or to the shops or club.”

Cork’s Evening Echo has published an article based on our press release on the topic of Climate Change!

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