2021 Quick Wins Report

Download the 2021 Quick Wins Report

The Cork Cycling Campaign is a volunteer group promoting utility and recreational cycling in Cork City and County. Founded in 1999, the Campaign advocates for improved conditions for people cycling in Cork and strives for recognition and promotion of cycling as an essential form of transport. Cork Cycling Campaign has been the voice of people cycling in Cork for 20 years; we have over 500 members and over 50 volunteers. We engage regularly with the media and key stakeholders on transport questions. The Campaign is part of Cyclist.ie, the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), and the Cork City PPN.


The Cork Cycling Campaign recognises and appreciates the planning, societal, economic, legal, and political framework within which cycling infrastructure is proposed, progressed, and actualised in Cork. We believe that a range of low-cost, quick-delivery projects should be part of the range of solutions that the Council seeks to address over 2021 in tandem with other projects and programs that Cork City Council is working towards.

What Are Quick Wins?

Quick wins are small (but important) things that can be done at a low-cost and in a short time frame that can make a real difference to people cycling. Quick wins are one part of the puzzle that will make Cork a bike-friendly and bike safe city. Great progress has been made in Cork over 2002 in this respect (light segregation, new bike parking, etc) and the Campaign hopes that 2021 will build on this work.

Why are Quick Wins important now?

As the pandemic is likely to remain a major public health event in 2021, it is important that we give people options to travel in a way which limits their contacts and exposure to the virus. Cycling is a healthy, low-cost, and very accessible way for many people to travel. However, safety concerns often deter people from taking up this option. It is our hope that these Quick Wins will reduce hazards for people on key routes into and out of the city and therefore open up cycling as a travel option for people in our city. Additionally, with many gyms and sporting events closed in 2021, it is likely that people will continue to turn to walking, running, and cycling for exercise. We need to cater for these people!

Download the 2021 Quick Wins Report

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