Take on Pat 2018!

Show St Patrick's Hill who's boss!

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Think Cork's too hilly for cycling?  Think again! E-Bike technology flattens our city and makes every hill doable - even for occasional cyclists.

View looking up St Patrick's Hill
View looking up St Patrick's Hill

On 15 June the great and good, and the young and old (and everyone in-between) of Cork will get the chance to try riding e-bikes up St Patrick's Hill.  That's right, they'll Take on Pat!  St Patrick's Hill isn't just any hill.  Cork's iconic hill has a maximum gradient of 23% right in the heart of the city.  Even the toughest professional cyclists on the Tour of Ireland find it a formidable test. What hope is there for the rest of us?

But an e-bike can take on even the steepest hill. This Bike Week
event shows that e-bike technology makes cycling a realistic and attractive mode of travel for ordinary folk - even for those facing exceptionally hilly routes or long commutes. That describes a lot of travel around Cork. Cork lies in the Lee's glacial valley, and parts of the city rise about 150 m above the river.  (That's three times higher than Niagra falls or as tall as a 50 story building.)  And Cork's metropolitan area is really spread out, with many people travelling long distances to get to work.  E-bikes can make hilly and long journeys a lot easier, facilitating sustainable travel in Cork and similar locations.


View from St Patrick's Hill over the centre of Cork City
View from St Patrick's Hill over the centre of Cork City

The Lord Mayor, Tony Fitzgerald, and other dignitaries and well-known locals will take on the challenge of cycling up St Patrick's Hill.  We'll also have an octogenarian and one or two secondary school-aged children.  And we'll also see how sports cyclists fare in tackling this formidable challenge.

Perhaps you'd like to join?  We're looking for a few more people to Take on Pat!  If you want to take up the Challenge, email info@corkcyclingcampaign.com.

Spectators at the event are most welcome!


WHERE: MacCurtain Street at the bottom of St Patrick's Hill

WHEN:   10:00 Friday 15 June 2018

Take on Pat programme

Click here for the aftermath report!

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